Digital Marketing - intern

Job description

نحن نبحث عنك لأننا في مجموعة رحلاتك ، نؤمن بتمكين الأشخاص للعيش في حياتهم التي يريدونها حقًا لأنفسهم بما في ذلك موظفونا ومتدربوننا
غالبًا ما يتطلب الأمر من الناس النظر إلى العالم من حولهم بطريقة مختلفة قليلاً ، لتحدي المعتقدات السائدة وتحمل المخاطر
نقدم لك دورة تدريبية مجانية تؤهلك إلى سوق العمل بشكل عملي حتى وإن كنت لا تملك اي خبرة فى مجال التسويق الرقمي
كما نقدم لك فرصة للتوظيف داخل مجموعة رحلاتك للعمل في أحد مشاريعها
بإنتهاء هذه الدورة المجانية سيكون لديك مجموعة واسعة من المهارات اللازمة للعمل فى مجال التسويق الرقمي وتحديدا إنشاء المحتوى بشكل محترف
الدورة مجانية بالكامل، ويوجد أكثر من 5 فرص للعمل بدوام كامل ومرتب مميز فى مجموعة رحلاتك السياحية فى مدينة بورصة

At Urtrips companies, we believe in empowering people to live the lives they really want for themselves - including our employees and our trainees. Often it takes people to look at the world around them a little differently, to challenge popular beliefs, and take risks.

Needless to say, our company like to do things a little differently. Our internships are no exception.

Do you want to be a part of a great story?

Do you have these qualities?

Honesty - The truth always prevails at the end of the working day.

Passionate - Love what you do/write, so you will feel happy at work

Good time management - Time is of the essence, every second counts.

Proactive - Do something ahead, don’t just wait for things to happen.

Eager to learn - Always ready to listen and learn from mistakes / other people.

Urtrips companies is looking for a dynamic, ambitious marketing student like you to join its team as an intern this year.

Whether you’re asked to collaborate, compete, research, revise, test, write or develop you’ll be working side by side with the best marketers and technologists.

But most importantly, you’ll never find a better internship.!

Job requirements

1- Proficiency in Arabic and at least another language (preferably English)

2- Proficiency in the use of computer

3- High interest and broad thinking

4- Age between 18 - 25 years

In addition to the above, the following responsibilities are universal to all of our team at Urtrips companies.
To be at work on time.
To produce meaningful, project-based work across the business.
To engage with other team members.
To ask questions.
To have fun.
To make new connections and friends.
To learn so many new skills and be so proud of the work you produced that you won’t ever want to leave us

This position has the potential to turn into a full time role at the end of the semester, so we are seeking a candidate that has a strong desire to build a career in digital marketing!